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Through our commitment to supporting organizations that prioritize the well-being of veterans, we aim to create a lasting impact and make a tangible difference in their lives.



Veterans Ambassador Program

The Veterans Ambassador Program is a powerful initiative to support veteran-owned organizations and foster the health and well-being of our heroes. Learn More




Veterans Apprenticeship Program

The Veterans in Transition Alliance is a transformative apprenticeship program that addresses skill shortages and supports post-military deployment. Learn More




Operation Heroes in Transition

Operation Heroes in Transition is on a mission to reduce the suicide rate through meaningful careers in the data center industry. Learn More




Anchors of Hope

Operation Spark's veteran hiring pledge is a comprehensive approach to reducing veteran suicide in the Mission Critical Industry. Learn More




Veteran Alliance Foundation

Overwatch Veteran Alliance Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to funding and supporting veterans Charitable Causes. Learn More


Veteran Alliance Foundation

OVAF is Committed
to Lightening the Load
for Veteran Charities.

As a partner of OVAF, we recognize the significant challenges that veterans face during and after their service, from mental health struggles to transitioning back into civilian life. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to supporting these heroes in every way we can. Central to this mission is the Overwatch Veteran Alliance Foundation (OVAF)—a 501c3 nonprofit organization explicitly established to boost and financially back an array of veterans' charitable causes. Our aim with OVAF is simple: to take the weight of fundraising off the shoulders of veteran nonprofit organizations, enabling them to channel their full focus on their vital, life-changing work.

OVAF represents a unity of purpose and action. As a foundation, we draw together the efforts of organizations that share our mission, amplifying the impact of each individual group for a collective, more significant effect. We funnel resources and funding toward initiatives that span critical areas, from mental health support to vocational training, basic needs provisioning, advisory support, and addressing physical disabilities.

By absorbing the financial pressures that these organizations typically bear, we open up their capacity to dedicate more time, energy, and resources to the valuable work they do—supporting and empowering our veterans.